When looking at the idea of psychological testing, one sees that the specifics are meant to be noted for the results to test what the topic, that is chosen, ends up being. These tests end up being short cuts to the information needed within the discussion being analyzed. These tests often help in court cases to prove different given factors that are often not determinable without the non biased being presented.

One example of the testing would be the child custody cases that arise in the court system. The courts often use a Parent Responsibility Evaluator (PRE) to evaluate and understand how each parent is using there parenting time. Sometimes within this process the evaluator, normally a licensed therapist, will give different forms of evaluation paperwork, or tests to determine the mental state of the parents involved. This process can be damaging for a parent if they are not honest during the PRE and the judge or magistrate is able to see through the process (Patterson, 1996). However the testing is useful to give insight as to how each parent gets along, or tries, with the other.

In the PRE process both the personality and screening tests would be helpful as they show how the parents are personally and they also screen for different given factors within the custody process. This would include abuse, gatekeeping, emotional damages forced upon the children and harassment being done on either side. The strengths with these tests are that they both focus upon presented facts as well as statements that can be verified (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). The weaknesses would include dishonesty on either side, as well as the children being afraid to speak on behalf of one side or the other. My research comes from my own personal experience with the above testing processes and the amount of time it can take to prove your worth as a healthy, loving, parent.

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Reynolds, C., & Livingston, R. (2013). Mastering modern psychological testing: Theory & methods. Pearson Higher Education.

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