PRIVACY POLICY is a writing company based in the United States offering nursing writing services.  Thank you for visiting website.

In this privacy policy, the words “we, us or our” with similar meaning stand for  “You” or “your” mean a person who shares personal information that we use or process to provide academic writing service. It may refer to a client who contacts us about services we provide, access writers, other staff, or interact with us in any way.

In the course of our interaction and dealings, we collect and process personal data to enable us to provide services that clients request, access, and administering the relationship with website visitors.  The privacy policy applies during the whole us of our website, and we may apply it together with terms of service.

Factors Subject to Privacy Policy

  1. Cookies

Our site will set cookies in your browser to help improve your experience and the smooth running of website access. These are text files we place on your computer to gather information on the way you use our website, on-site activity, and preferences. You can set a browser to stop accepting cookies but beware that it might prevent some website features from functioning properly.

  1. Data protection

We do not sell personal data and scan our website regularly to ensure the storage is safe as well as identifying any loopholes.  Sometimes it might be necessary to transfer personal data for processing by a third party that we have a specific agreement to provide certain service.

Collection of Information

We require those who cooperate with us on certain occasions to share personal information such as email address, name or phone number. They help us to communicate about orders or services.  We require personal information from persons who sign up on our website to order for writing help, apply to be writers, register for a personalized service like an account or use of customer control panel.   The personal data helps us to identify you after placing an order, make a payment, or communicate to us for purposes such an inquiry, complaint, claim, or any other.

We archive personal data and strictly restrict access to a few trustworthy employees for specific purposes that require its use. We also take reasonable all measures we can to secure transmission although we cannot have control of processes beyond us like SERVERS that an email passes through before reaching us.

Use of personal information

We use personal information for a reason that made it necessary to request it.  We will seek consent when necessary.   We shall not communicate to you unnecessarily; pass it to other persons or companies.   Personal data at our service start extremely private, unlike at some companies that consider it a right to share information at their discretion.


We might utilize your information to profiling your likely preferences to market products and services.  We restrict the quantity of marketing communication a month. Our online advert matches the interaction with our visitors or mobile applications we use for interaction with the customers.  You have a right to refuse marketing communications at any time.  We can also use personal data for customer service or administration.

Notification about products and services has products on plagiarism software, academic papers writing, proofreading, editing, marking, and other relevant services.  We use contact details to inform you about the products and promotions by email, phone call, SMS/MMS, fax, or social media posts. You have a choice to object receiving such messages. Unless you inform us not to, we can send bulletins, newsletters and other material about select services such as our campaigns or subscription.

Sensitive data

Our customer representatives may ask for credit or debit card data for payment for the service you get from us. There is an option to enter the details through a secure payment page on our website. Customer reps communicate about payment information through the phone only when there is an urgent need. We also accept payment through PayPal that does not require you to provide credit or debit card details. We never store card details after procession payments because of the sensitivity.

Link to other websites

We may have a link to other websites, and it is important to note they have their privacy policies. Our privacy policy applies only to We are not responsible for the privacy and security of those other websites.  Ask us if you are not sure if a website linked to ours belongs to us.

Third-party advertising

Some third parties conduct targeted advertising by collecting personal information or sharing details about their products.  The data they hold is beyond their control. We are not responsible for third party advertising material linked to our website. It may contain errors, inaccuracies, or omissions.

Disclosure of personal information

We secure all personal information, but we can disclose it if compelled by the law. The reasons for enforcement might be protecting our right, right of others, or legal redress if we detect criminal activities like a fraud.  We can share information with third parties if:

  • Someone uses or website or service to perform illegal or offensive actions on our site or elsewhere
  • Someone interacts with us and takes advantage of it to disrupt other services or websites
  • Sale of our business and company interest as the potential buyer will request to access personal information
  • Contracting third parties to provide some services for us such as advertising, marketing and payment processing

Accessing Personal Information

Customers have a right to ask for copies of personal information. It is mostly free, but we reserve a right to a certain fee to facilitate processing.   Call or send us an email if you believe that information we hold about you is inaccurate and requires correction or can be misused.  We have a right to ask questions and information that helps to confirm your identity. It might include r monitoring and recording telephone calls for mutual protection.

Underage users

Children must have the consent of a parent or guardian before using our website and providing personal data.  We will cancel all services and transactions if we determine that we are dealing with an underage person.  We will also remove all the shared information.

Final provision

We take all reasonable efforts to protect the safety of personal information we collect from website users. We keep training and instructing our employees on data security.   Any interaction or transaction is subject to this privacy policy that is a basis of creating an understanding between website users and us.

We may change, modify, alter, or amend this policy without notice, and it will be applicable a day after publication. We urge our website users to read the privacy policy frequently.

Contact us for any questions, or complaints about the privacy policy or personal information in our possession.