REFUND POLICY is a writing company with a reputation for providing high-quality nursing research and academic writing service to students around the world.  We value every customer, and we must make everyone happy with our service. We have a 99% satisfaction rate, but we still have a refund policy in case a customer is unhappy with the quality of our writing.

We have writers who academic customer work to suit the requirements by our customers and are even ready to revise any sections that attract complains.  We make all efforts to satisfy customers but accept liability if we are at fault when an order does not adhere to a guideline or has errors.   This refund policy applies to situations that raise a dispute if a writer declines an order for certain reasons and asks for reimbursement.  We are a transparent writing company, and we initiate a refund policy in some circumstances even without request.

Circumstances to Apply Refund Policy 

We issue a refund in these instances:

 Lateness: we reimburse part of the payment if a writer is unable to complete writing a nursing paper within the required deadline.  We will refund an amount that compensates the customer for hours after the period.

Over Payment:   You can overpay for an order by paying twice for the same order by mistake.  We will inform you to clarify if you want us to write two papers with similar instructions or it was a mistake. Our billing department would start the refund process if you made a mistake when ordering. Contact us if you notice the anomaly before us for our billing department to cancel one order and refund.

An over payment may occur due to double charging. Inform us if you get charged twice and get two receipts from a payment processing system such as PayPal. Forward both receipts to us through live chat, email, or order page.  We provide an option to recharge the over payment in your payment wallet or to get a full refund. We do the best to ensure that you have the refund within 7 working days.

Unavailability of a writer:   we will refund all payments for an order if the writers with the qualification to write the paper are not available within the deadline that you require it. You can ask for the money back or let it stay in the account’s wallet for payment of another order.

Order cancellation: we will refund part of your payment if you decide to cancel an order after we process it and its payment. We reserve the right to deduct a cancellation fee. We refund the remainder of your payment after deducting an amount equal to the completed pages if we have assigned the order to a writer.  The reason is that a writer deserves compensation for written work even if will not deliver the complete order. We may also deduct the cancellation fee. We cannot refund if a customer wants to cancel an order that is 24 hours to the delivery deadline as it is as good as complete.

Refund Policy Dispute Resolution

Our quality assurance department proofreads completed orders before delivery. If we feel that a complaint and refund request is unfair, a trained dispute manager has the discretion to check the paper and make a decision within 7 business days.

  • The dispute manager can make one of these decisions:
  • Uphold a client’s complaint and recommend a complete refund or revision
  • Uphold a client’s claim and approve a partial refund
  • Reject refund request if the grounds are insufficient

We can choose an independent arbiter if disagreement continues and his decision is final. The dispute will take longer than 7 days to resolve depending on the scope and length of the paper to review and determine if the complaint has grounds.

All requests for refund are subject to this refund policy.  Contact us if you require additional information about this refund policy for our legal department to answer questions.