REVISION POLICY is a leading academic writing company specializing in writing nursing papers. We have experienced nursing writers with MSN and DNP degrees who write top grade papers.  We also have a Quality Assurance Department that ensures we deliver top-notch papers.

A client rarely receives sub-standard paper due to errors or non-adherence to instructions, but our revision policy states that we offer free unlimited revisions until satisfaction. Count on us to revise your paper free if you complain about enough grounds.  Quality assurance department will review the paper to determine if the claims are genuine.

 Revision Policy Conditions

We are glad to provide free revisions if the request adheres to these conditions.

Consistency in instructions:  we revise a paper in adherence to the original instructions. We will not accept a revision with new directions such as change of topic, page count, or referencing style.  We can revise a paper and amend it to fit changes in instruction, but it will cost an additional that we fix according to the nature of the new job.  We are not obliged to revise according to any guidelines that you forgot to inform us when making an order even if they are part of the paper.

 A formal request for revision:  highlight the sections that require review and inform us about your intention to ask for revisions.  A customer support agent will direct you on the steps to follow and upload your paper. Provide all the necessary details about your complaint and suggestion on amending the paper within initial instructions.  QAD and the writer will consider them.

Request revision within deadline:  you can request us to edit your nursing paper any time of day, but it has to be within 7 days of order delivery.  Our revision policy allows free revision within this period when the writer still remembers about it well.

We can revise the paper in a similar way as those that we receive within seven days, but the client will pay a fee, but it is cheaper than writing.

The original state of the order: the paper you request us to edit should be in the same state that we sent it to you. You may highlight the parts that you want us to amend but do not change the content, headings, footers, citation, formatting or anything else. We only correct papers free if they are in the same state that we delivered. Changes may make it difficult for the writer or the person revision to determine the problem areas.

Change of writer:  we can assign revision to a different writer if you feel that the one who wrote the nursing paper will not improve it to your requirements.

Turnaround According To Revision Policy

We revise papers in the shortest time possible, but it can extend due to these factors.

Changing writers: We may need more time to find another writer to revise your work if that is your request and extend the turnaround for your revision work by some hours.

Lengthy orders: Papers with many pages such as thesis or dissertation require more time, especially if they require the attention of a specialist writer.  We subject such orders to progressive delivery for the customer to read each section soon as the writer completes and determine if it meets the requirements.

Dispute resolution

We refer a revision request to the legal department if a client consistently rejects revised work after several revisions that the Quality Assurance Department has approved. The legal department will take the issue up and appoint an independent expert to proofread the work.

It might include sending an assessment sheet that we will send the customer after the expert completes reading the paper. The decision by the expert is final.  We may issue a refund it is us who are unable to revise the paper appropriately. The complainant would have to accept the document in its altered state if the expert reviewer decided that it has met the academic writing standards.

All revision requests are subject to this privacy policy. Contact us if you feel that your paper has not met order specifications or you want clarifications on our revision policy.