PSY W4-2

Assignment 2: Interview Analysis

While you can read a great deal about various disorders, being able to identify such disorders when they are present is challenging. To assist you with visualizing the disorders you are studying, you will have the opportunity to view interviews with clients who have been diagnosed with various disorders.Click here to visit Faces of Abnormal Psychology.           NOTE: HERE IS THE LINK ( Select High Resolution or Low Resolution, depending on your computer specifications.Choose from the Select a Disorder menu, and then click View Disorder.

When the new window opens, select the Diagnostic, Case History, Interview, and Treatment tabs to watch the respective videos. As you watch the interviews, note the identifiable diagnostic criteria.

For this week you will be reviewing the following disorders: Obsessive-compulsive disorderBorderline personality disorder

For each disorder:First review the diagnosis and case history of the disorder.Go to the interview section and choose at least 3 themes, asking at least one question for each.Make sure to keep notes on the questions and the answers that were given.Prepare a case summary covering the following points.Describe the diagnostic criteria for each disorder.List the interview questions that you used. Explain why you chose those questions. Summarize the responses given to your questions.Describe the treatments for each disorder.

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