Writing a monograph correctly

monographAs a rule, in science, a monograph is understood as a study devoted to one topic. Monographs themselves can be both collective and individual. Today we will talk in more detail about this scientific work genre and learn how to write and format it correctly.

Recommended volume of the monograph

There is no such volume in relation to the monograph, so the number of pages in it can be arbitrary. If we rely on certain canons of the scientific world, then it is worth noting that the rules should be a monograph to find at least five author’s sheets. Each of these sheets should contain forty thousand characters with spaces.

About the name

This should be clear and concise and use no more than five to six words in the title.

Remember that a big title can quickly alienate a potential reader. If you need to clarify something in the title, then write one part of the title in capital letters, the second in capital letters.

What should be contained in a scientific monograph?

The monograph is not a scientific manual. Therefore, new ideas and ideas, the results of research, analysis of specific problems, etc.

As a monograph b, you can even publish a dissertation. Still, in this case, you need to simplify its language a little so that it is understandable to a wide range of readers and not just narrowly focused specialists.

What does the monograph consist of?

As a rule, a monograph consists of the following structural elements:

  1. Title page. Standard information about the author (full name), the title of scientific work, year and place of publication.
  2. It contains a summary of the monograph so that the potential reader can decide for himself whether he should spend time reading it or not.
  3. Table of contents. It should obey a specific system, from which nothing should be knocked out. Besides, it is unacceptable for the names of parts of the text to coincide with the working title.
  4. With the help of this part of the text, the author needs to bring the reader up to date, tell in more detail about the problem he is considering, the research methods used, the relevance of this issue, etc.
  5. First chapter. Often it contains a review of the scientific literature used in the text. It is an introduction to the author’s position on the issue under study. But before moving on to it, you need first to tell how other scientists have investigated this problem, as well as how they tried to solve it.
  6. The rest of the chapters. There should be as many of them as needed to cover the topic stated in the monograph. They contain, as a rule, a description of the practical part of the study.
  7. In it, you need to summarize, talk about the most significant results, and answer the questions posed at the beginning of the work.
  8. All literary sources that were used in the creation of this scientific study are indicated here. If, when writing, completely different sources were taken as a basis, then they should be divided by type when printing.
  9. They can be included in the work only when they are needed.

General guidelines for writing a monograph

monographWhen designing graphic material, it is imperative to check whether the diagrams, graphs, tables, illustrations are numbered.

It is also worth remembering that the text must contain links to all graphic elements. Besides, they must be necessarily titled.

Besides, when using an abbreviation for the first time, it must be deciphered.

Also, you should not use them in headings and use them too often in the text. After all, in this way, it can be very easily overloaded.

A wholly written monograph must be carefully proofread to avoid annoying mistakes. If you do not want to do this yourself, in this case, it is worth using the services of a proofreader.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that the monograph stands at the junction of scientific and journalistic genres.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about how interesting it is to submit a scientific study to be read by as many more people.


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