How to write a winning nursing case study

nursing case studyA case study is a common type of nursing homework assignment. A nursing case study is a comprehensive assessment of a patient that is experienced during student’s procedure in the lab. Furthermore, it equips them with necessary skills by applying theoretical learning in actual situations. This helps them make some recommendations and conclusions. Additionally, it requires a lot of planning of methodology. As the case study proceeds careful documentation and literature reviews is also required. Initially, it is important to determine the focus and format of it. Finally, you will have to gather facts in order to collate the content of the paper.

A nursing case study has the following sections:

  1. Patient status

  • The name, age, gender of the patient
  • Medical record
  • Present detection and analysis
  1. The nurse’s evaluation of the case

  • Requisite signs and scrutiny tests
  • Nurse’s monitoring
  1. Present care scheme and advice

  • Information of the nursing care scheme
  • Assessment of the present care scheme
  • Counsel for alterations in the present care scheme

Status of the patient

In this section, you are required to give the details of the patient. This includes their names and demographic data. This demographic data includes the ages, gender and race. Additionally, it is important to include the reason for studying their current diagnosis condition. Furthermore, the current treatment being administered is necessary. Finally, include the medical history. In addition, you can also include why they sought medical attention. Family members and social history can also be included.

In addition, you may also include the role of nursing on the patient under the study. However, rather than relying on your memory it is important to write every information you gather. Besides, indicate the importance of including the information in your study. Additionally, once the current diagnosis is given indicate the progress of the disease. The progress includes the cause and what you have observed as signs and symptoms of the disease.

Nursing assessment

In this section, describe the nursing diagnosis. Furthermore, you need to prepare the assessment you have done on the condition of the patient. Additionally, go ahead and explain the reasons for conducting each assessment. In addition, you need to provide the issues identified and give suggestions on the possible causes of the issues. Finally, you will need to suggest the option for treating the issue based on the identified causes. Additionally, you can also suggest a possible nursing care plan for the patient.

Current care and recommendations

In this section, you need to describe the nursing care plan you identified in the nursing assessment. In addition, include the goals and show how it is going to improve the condition of the patient. Additionally, describe each step of the current care plan. Finally, show the reasons why each of them is important. Furthermore, talk about how the scrutiny scheme is better in the quality of the patient

Application and paperwork

nursing case studyImmediately after administering treatment, it is your work to record each remedy undertaking for example dose and time. In addition, trace the enhancement that does or does not occur.

In this section, the information you collate must be cautiously documented and communicated. You must do this in scientific studies too. Additionally, you must also examine the information in the report before making conclusions. These conclusions are to determine the usefulness of the scrutiny scheme and come to settlements.

Finally, in this section, make advice. This may be either go on with the same scrutiny plan. It can also show another or additional treatment plan after conducting research. Additionally, justify each advice you give. Medical research literature can be of great hep in this.


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Writing a brilliant critical book review

critical book reviewThere are two types of book reviews. Descriptive review provide the essential information about a book. This is done with description and exposition. This is achieved by stating the perceived aims and purposes of the author. Additionally, it is done by quoting essential passages from the text.

Critical book review evaluate and describe the book. This is done with accepted literary and historical standards and supports this evaluation with evidence from the text.

The following are the main steps in writing a critical book review:

  1. Read the book and make notes.

In book reviews, read the book several times if it is possible. This allows the reader to have a better understanding as he rereads the text. Besides, a new opportunity to perceive new elements or see from a unique perspective is presented. Furthermore, the reader can analyze the plot, the setting, and the characters.

It is essential to document your impressions as you read the book. This can be done with writing or voice recordings. At this point, do not worry about the organization of your work. The main point of doing this is to record how you react to the text.

  1. Take into account the genre or field of research of the book.

Besides, ask yourself if the content is suitable for that field of research. In this part, use other sources to understand the categories better. This will help to give an over-all grasp of the organization of the review. Furthermore, to eliminate the irrelevancies or to fill in gaps or omissions. First, examine the notes you have made and get rid of those with no relationship with the thesis. Secondly, organize your discussion topics into groups. Aspects of the book will emerge. Thirdly, write down all the main headings of the outline and fill in the subdivisions. Besides, all parts should support your thesis.

  1. Identify the main themes of the book.

critical book reviewThemes are the general teachings or messages that the work conveys. Additionally, they can be fundamental and universal ideas explored in work. Furthermore, several pieces are presented by authors, especially in works of fiction.

Besides, pay close attention to the preface and the quotes and references present in the introduction. This can help in explaining the themes that the author wants to represent. It also helps to show the point of view the author intends to take.

To identify an essential topic in a book, you need to summarize it in one word. After identifying the keyword, try to use it as a basis for getting to the message or lesson that the book seeks to convey.

  1. Take into account the author’s style.

Identify whether the style is appropriate for the target audience of the book. Moreover, the first step is the classification of the work. Secondly, it’s how the author expresses and represents the subjects of the book.

  1. Think about how the author develops the most important aspects and elements of the book

Identify the themes that the writer elaborates on further in the book. Besides, identify which he decides to leave out. Furthermore, determine why. Looking for omissions in work helps in critical thinking of the issues in the book. Additionally, by identifying the author’s elements, you can place the qualities of the book.

  1. Make notes about the format of the book.

The critical book review is shown by the use of diagrams, binding, and typography. Moreover, if maps, tables, or illustrations accompany the paper, try to evaluate how they contribute to the book’s themes.

  1. Analyze the literary elements of the book

Try to understand how the plot structure presents the story if you are reading a work of fiction. Besides, make notes about the characters, plot, the setting, the tone, symbols, and how they relate to the theme.

  1. Think about how unique the book is

First, identify if the book brings anything new to the literary genre. Secondly, does the author attempt to challenge or the genre’s norms.

  1. Consider the degree of success of the work.

Typically, it is essential to identify whether the author can fulfill the objective as proposed. Besides, is the conclusion of the bop satisfactory? Finally, would you recommend the book to others?

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What is an essay and how to write it correctly?

An essay translated from French means an attempt or trial, an essay or a short story, which is written based on one’s own thoughts. The literary genre of prose stories has a small volume, and the presentation of the material occurs in free form. The author can describe an action or events, expressing his own opinion. The use of colorful epithets, impressions and emotions is allowed. They must relate to a specific occasion, have an argument and be sure to interpret any situation.

Essay as a story

To write an essay, an author can use different artistic constructs and genres. It is possible to assume the presence of a subjective opinion, since the story does not have the task of interpreting personal opinion. The author has the right to express his own assumptions about anything. The founder of this literary genre was the French writer Michel Montaigne. He used this style of presentation in the book “Experiments”, describing various events in the life of people. The stories were dedicated to conscience, hypocrisy, honor, and at the same time the author expressed his personal subjective opinion, which was not allowed in other styles of presentation.

The essay is characterized by several features:

  • This is an artistic and journalistic genre that finds application in the modern literary world.
  • Similar stylistic stories are also used in print.
  • The authors, instead of facts, bring to the fore their originality of thinking.
  • Informative texts are supported by facts, and stories – personal opinions. For this, the author uses arguments.
  • In an essay, you can not only describe any events, but also discuss these topics.
  • To show his unique style, the author can use slang if the stories are in the genre of modern literature.

All colors of the language can be used depending on the emotional state of the author. There are no restrictions here when it comes to stories that are published on the Internet. However, for publication, editors can refer to a set of rules that apply only to the publishing industry, where stories of a particular genre should be placed.

Types and forms of essays

Essays, as a literary genre, in contrast to journalism, can have several forms and types:

  1. Personal stories are subjective reasoning that the author makes public. They reveal a certain side of the author, who leads a monologue with readers.
  2. In terms of content, the essay can be of the type of critical, historical, artistic, religious, spiritual or journalistic story.
  3. The literary form of an essay can refer to such types as writing, notes, miniatures, a page from a personal diary, a review, and more.
  4. Individual story structures may indicate a scientific genre. Among the essays are analytical, descriptive, critical, narrative, reflective and more.

All questions that arise from the author, he takes into self-reflection. It is not customary to mention someone’s words or opinions in stories, since the essay describes only the manner of presentation.

Features of the literary genre

Authors who write stories for scientific articles, modern magazines and newspapers should consider a number of rules for writing their essays:

  • Small volume is a mandatory frame for everyone who wants to be published in publications.
  • The author must choose a specific topic, despite the fact that it is customary in an essay to talk about everything at once.
  • A personal approach to the disclosure of a problem and subjective opinion are characteristic indicators of a correctly composed essay.
  • The composition must have a free form, otherwise the story will turn into an informational dry article.
  • All impressions, associations and lexical composition of the language should be formatted accordingly, without stamps and outdated expressions.

The author must have the confidence of the reader. If the story does not find a response, a positive exchange of emotions, then the essay can be considered a failure. The true value of reasoning lies in the clarity of thoughts, arguments must confirm the subjective point of view for someone to share it.

Essays for Scientific Materials

essayThis type of essay differs in structure and genre. The story is compiled into several sheets, taking into account the specifics of the topic. Students may disregard this framework if the essay is written on the basis of compiled scientific papers. In the genre of essay journalism, you can write an essay only in the form of a small sketch, using no more than one page. The volume of scientific materials can be greater if the student writes in a literary genre in history or philosophy. This exception refers to a free style of presentation, so authors, as a rule, do not limit themselves to a few phrases – you can write a whole book with personal observations and reasoning.


Scientific stories written by students can be larger if the author wishes to speak. This is permissible only on a specific topic, without “moving away from the main idea.” 

It is also important to follow ethical standards so that the reader does not get bored. If the story resembles the stories of a village philosopher, the student should revise the rules for drawing up the skeleton:

  • Choosing a topic and structuring the main idea – you need to schedule some stages of the essayin advance so that during the compilation the student does not waste time on the same topic, describing it in different sentences.
  • You need to limit yourself not only in the choice of volume, but also in specific thoughts. In order not to deviate from the topic, the essay should be written on the principle of building stories.
  • The composition of the essay reflects the introduction, main idea and conclusion.
  • A personal approach to the choice of presentation style is a unique feature of the author’s text.

The author can omit emotions, not express his own opinion, but subjectivity in reasoning is the main remarkable characteristic of the essay. If the story contains an opinion that confirms some other statement, or the author agrees with it, this essay cannot be named.

Free manner of presentation of the composition

essayYou can write an essay right away from the main idea, you can omit some points. The author has the right to choose the simplest and most pressing questions, for example:

The man bought groceries, then left the store, but stopped to take an elderly man across the road. The author liked this idea for writing an essay, and, arguing for it, he submits for discussion his personal opinion about what is the morality of today’s youth, their culture of communication and education. The author has the right to mention his memories that took place in childhood, to compare the behavior of different generations and not only.

That is, in the essay genre, you can leave at different times, go into different spatial layers, noting the differences in your observations, and expressing your personal opinion on them. These can be associations that come to everyone’s mind when they think about products from childhood, about events of a political or historical nature. Students can provide advice, analogs, or chronological changes that few have noticed.

Characteristics of the essay language

In addition to the personal opinion of the author, the essay is characterized by certain phrases that allow the reader to understand what is in front of them – proofreading, fiction story or essay. The lexical composition of the language can be determined using words and expressions that are not commonly used in literature – any editor will underline and highlight them as incorrect.

To color an essay with an expressive note, you can use the following words and phrases:

  • Cracked, smacked;
  • Ranted;
  • Words and expressions.

Thanks to this diversity, the genre has a rich vocabulary and scope for the language environment. Many people perceive such literary plots as conversations with readers during an evening tea party.

To write an essay story is to write freely, but freedom of speech does not mean to write at random. The author must choose what is interesting to others, that concerns everyone that anyone encounters. The topic should be lively and hackneyed, but never closed for discussion.


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Eight most effective time management skills for students

timeTime is an essential natural endowment that every human being has in the same measure. In life, the difference between failure and success lies principally in time management. Also, the student’s performance and academic standing are greatly influenced by time management. However, the students in recent years have numerous distractions. Furthermore, our time is our life, so we have to develop useful goal setting strategies. Time is a limited, non-renewable resource, investable.

Also, each activity requires a minimum quantum of time. Finally, the time has a value like currency.

The following are some of the practical time management skills for students:

  1. Responsibility and Dedication

When transcribing your schedule, avoid silly mistakes. Furthermore, do not plan for activities that you are aware you won’t complete. Also, keep your schedule completely confidential. It is essential to make sure that it is written flawlessly and unambiguously. This assists you to comprehend the plan quickly. Finally, the program should consist of distinct goals associated with explicit deadlines.

  1. Focusing time vs. Activities

Schedule time slots for each activity instead of focusing all your time to complete a project. Besides, think in terms of time rather than actions. However, please take into consideration on average how long it will take to complete each activity. Finally, allocate schedule to a single task throughout without breaks only if it is necessary.

  1. Multitasking

In recent years, contemporary research has revealed that multitasking is killing your brain. However, it is a myth. The human brain can only effectively concentrate on a single activity at a time. Furthermore, the human brain is not programmed like electronic hardware. Also, the more you try multitasking in activities, the level of quality of your work declines. Finally, use the gaps you have during the day to catch up on the work you might have.

  1. Establishing priorities

It is important to schedule activities in order of importance. This helps you to avoid you paying someone at the last minute to do your assignment—besides, the more critical a task, the earlier during the day it should be allocated. Furthermore, the overall performance of the body depreciates as the day progresses. The trivial or inconsequential tasks should be scheduled later in the day.

  1. Importance of surroundings

timeEach student must know the preference, which will help them concentrate. This assists the student complete their work on time. Additionally, it saves them on cost because they don’t have to buy the work online. Furthermore, establish your working environment based on your personal and predictions. This helps you to achieve the highest level of efficiency during your career. Additionally, you can a “Do Not Disturb” sign to ensure focus. This is especially useful at performing highly daunting or intimidating tasks.

  1. Deploying free time wisely.

Sometimes when you are doing something but your mind is entirely free to wander off. This is useful to grasp concepts and ideas ahead of an examination or upcoming quiz.

  1. Exercise

It is vital for students at their stage to understand the importance of exercise. However, not scheduling appropriate physical exercise and activities can also affect the brain. Furthermore, it affects the productive functioning of the brain. In the beginning, it will be hard to include this in your time. However, with time, you will accrue the physical benefits.

  1. Sleep

The lack of a good night’s sleep can make a person’s day wholly unproductive and futile. Besides, mental stress, apprehension, and tension accumulate in the mind during the day. Furthermore, the best way to leave your worries behind is to get a good night’s rest. Finally, know how much sleep you need according to your age and physical condition. Schedule it in once you decide.

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Writing a monograph correctly

monographAs a rule, in science, a monograph is understood as a study devoted to one topic. Monographs themselves can be both collective and individual. Today we will talk in more detail about this scientific work genre and learn how to write and format it correctly.

Recommended volume of the monograph

There is no such volume in relation to the monograph, so the number of pages in it can be arbitrary. If we rely on certain canons of the scientific world, then it is worth noting that the rules should be a monograph to find at least five author’s sheets. Each of these sheets should contain forty thousand characters with spaces.

About the name

This should be clear and concise and use no more than five to six words in the title.

Remember that a big title can quickly alienate a potential reader. If you need to clarify something in the title, then write one part of the title in capital letters, the second in capital letters.

What should be contained in a scientific monograph?

The monograph is not a scientific manual. Therefore, new ideas and ideas, the results of research, analysis of specific problems, etc.

As a monograph b, you can even publish a dissertation. Still, in this case, you need to simplify its language a little so that it is understandable to a wide range of readers and not just narrowly focused specialists.

What does the monograph consist of?

As a rule, a monograph consists of the following structural elements:

  1. Title page. Standard information about the author (full name), the title of scientific work, year and place of publication.
  2. It contains a summary of the monograph so that the potential reader can decide for himself whether he should spend time reading it or not.
  3. Table of contents. It should obey a specific system, from which nothing should be knocked out. Besides, it is unacceptable for the names of parts of the text to coincide with the working title.
  4. With the help of this part of the text, the author needs to bring the reader up to date, tell in more detail about the problem he is considering, the research methods used, the relevance of this issue, etc.
  5. First chapter. Often it contains a review of the scientific literature used in the text. It is an introduction to the author’s position on the issue under study. But before moving on to it, you need first to tell how other scientists have investigated this problem, as well as how they tried to solve it.
  6. The rest of the chapters. There should be as many of them as needed to cover the topic stated in the monograph. They contain, as a rule, a description of the practical part of the study.
  7. In it, you need to summarize, talk about the most significant results, and answer the questions posed at the beginning of the work.
  8. All literary sources that were used in the creation of this scientific study are indicated here. If, when writing, completely different sources were taken as a basis, then they should be divided by type when printing.
  9. They can be included in the work only when they are needed.

General guidelines for writing a monograph

monographWhen designing graphic material, it is imperative to check whether the diagrams, graphs, tables, illustrations are numbered.

It is also worth remembering that the text must contain links to all graphic elements. Besides, they must be necessarily titled.

Besides, when using an abbreviation for the first time, it must be deciphered.

Also, you should not use them in headings and use them too often in the text. After all, in this way, it can be very easily overloaded.

A wholly written monograph must be carefully proofread to avoid annoying mistakes. If you do not want to do this yourself, in this case, it is worth using the services of a proofreader.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that the monograph stands at the junction of scientific and journalistic genres.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about how interesting it is to submit a scientific study to be read by as many more people.


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20 tips for the correct presentation for thesis

presentationIt is not always enough to talk about your thesis presentation. In some cases, you need to visually show any diagrams, tables, individual provisions in the text. A multimedia presentation can do this well. Today we are just going to talk about how to arrange it correctly.

The following points can highlight as relevant tips:

  • There should be no more than fifteen slides in the presentation. If you do more, the presentation will be lengthy, with a lot of unnecessary information. In a smaller quantity, it may not be possible to fit all the required material. Therefore, 15, in this case, is the optimal number.
  • As a rule, the starting slide should be the same as the ending one. It usually indicates the name of the university, the topic of the diploma research, the full name of the fifth-year student, and his scientific advisor, the name of the student’s specialty, year, place of writing.
  • When creating a presentation, such a ring composition is needed so that the commission initially had the opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific work presented to it. The final slide helps to remember the information shown originally and refer to the student by name and surname.
  • The background of the slides should be calm so as not to emphasize too much attention. This is also done so that the commission does not have problems reading. In this case, a dark font on a light background will look almost perfect.
  • The font for the text should be approximately 28 points. It is best to use the 36th size for headings. This is done so that the reader is clearly visible and also read without any problems.
  • You can read the speech simultaneously as the presentation and set it to automatic playback at a predetermined time interval.
  • After drawing up a presentation, it is imperative to check it for errors. It is worth remembering that all typos and inaccuracies will be very clearly visible with a large font size. Therefore, you should write as competently as possible.
  • The text of the presentation must correspond to the report itself. If this requirement is not met, then it is unlikely that the graduate will get a good grade for the defense.
  • Spread text evenly on slides, as too much information can overload the presentation. Also, the general structure of the presentation should match the design of the thesis.
  • After the introductory slide at the very beginning, it is worth pointing out the relevance of the research. One can copy it from the initial part of the work or formulate it yourself again.
  • Next is usually the object and the subject. It is worth revealing the meaning of these concepts as accurately as possible, but at the same time, one must do it concisely and succinctly.
  • Then the problem of this work is indicated. Here it would be best if you write exactly what problems can be solved with the help of a specific study.
  • After you have described the problem, it is worth identifying the result you want to come to. That is the purpose of the thesis.presentation
  • It also does not hurt to write down the tasks set in the diploma. In this case, they are shown on the slides of the presentation and spoken out loud.
  • Some students also indicate the structure of the work. But such a slide is optional, so you can safely skip it since it is not of particular importance.
  • Besides, the presentation can indicate the key concepts that are used in the study of this topic. One of the slides can be dedicated to quotes taken from the theoretical part. But always with the indication of the author.
  • The following slides can be occupied with graphs, tables, and other statistical data used during the work on the diploma. In this case, each fall must be supported by explanations and, of course, signed.
  • When preparing a presentation, it is worth remembering that, in general, there will be five to seven minutes for a speech, for which you need to meet. Each slide should contain no more than ten lines placed horizontally.
  • On the slides reflecting the central part of the work, the theory should also be written, but you should also give any empirical text insertions. It is worth pointing out which methods you used to solve practical problems and write about the results obtained.
  • When compiling a presentation, you should think in advance what order the slides will be arranged so that it would be possible to get a coherent and coherent system from them.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the presentation is good reference material, so it should be used to the maximum. It will quickly help you to get out in case you forget the text of the report. Therefore, it is worth spending a day to do it.

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