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If you were educating expecting parents on pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as the first year of life with their new baby, what would you tell them? Design your own “What to expect” based on what you learned this week as well as your own experience. Be sure to include facts about prenatal development, environmental influences, birth complications, and the developmental milestones of the first year of life. What can parents do to ensure healthy development during the first year of life?


Criteria/ 200 Level Forum Rubric

Possible Points

Student Points


Initial post


Analyzed the question(s), fact(s),   issue(s), etc. and provided well-reasoned and substantive answers. 



Supported ideas and responses   using appropriate examples and references from texts, professional and/or   academic websites, and other references.  (All references must be from   professional and/or academic sources. Websites such as Wikipedia, about.com,   and others such as these are NOT acceptable.)



Post meets the 250 word minimum   requirement and is free from spelling/grammar errors



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