Revolution through Music and Art.

 Essay in APA format with a minimum of 300 words.

Cultural revolutions lead to changes in beliefs, actions, and how people see the world. Part of how you see the world is informed by the creative expressions to which you are exposed. Creative expressions can be a reaction to revolutions in culture, and it can simultaneously seem to change the culture as well.

1.  Introduce one musician, genre of music, or film that you believe caused a cultural revolution. If you speak of a genre of music, you will want to give several specific examples of artists in that genre. Identify your choice to the class on the assumption that your classmates have never heard the music or seen the film. It is important to give details about style, talk about what can be heard in this music or seen in this film, and explain the impact of your selection. Though you are welcome to select music that you enjoy, it may be helpful to add research in order to talk about the popularity, innovation, or change from this selection. What made this creative expression in music or film particularly transformational?

2.  Next, still assume that classmates are not familiar with your selection, then introduce one musician, genre of music, or film that created a personal cultural revolution in your life. This may be music or a film that helped you in a hard time, allowed you to rebel, connected you with another culture, changed the way you view your own potential, or any other change that could be considered a revolution. Tell the class about the music or film, define it and explain its impact upon you.

3.  Why do you think that music and films can have a revolutionary impact upon the listener or viewer? What can create this connection and change?

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