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When counseling a  sex offender who was charged with sex with a minor, sexual molestation,  and exhibitionism I would first want to know the circumstances. I would  want to know the age of the minor, the details about the sexual  molestation charge and the exhibitionism. There are times when an 18  year old has sex with a 17 year old, that is legally a minor and this  would constitute sexual molestation. If nude photos were sent via social  media that could be considered exhibitionism. In my opinion the age of  the offender and the victim do sway how I would feel. If the offender  was a grown man and the victim a child then I would have a hard time  counseling them, as a parent I would think of my own children. However, I  would put my personal feelings aside and keep my judgments to myself.  The offender being ordered by the court to attend counseling could also  affect the outcome. If they do not want help and are only attending  because the court requires it, then they may not benefit from  counseling.

      Exhibitionism can be conceptualized as a disorder from the stage of  nonverbal interaction (Hopkins, Green, Carnes & Campling, 2016).  Those who partake in exhibitionism often had problematic sexual  behaviors in their adolescent years (Hopkins, et al., 2016). Discovering  the root of the reason why the offender takes part in this would be a  priority. How to they feel? What do they can? What behaviors can they do  instead of these acts? Exhibitionism typically begins around age 11-15  (Hopkins, et  al., 2016). I would ask when the behavior started and if there was any  traumatic experiences that resulted in the behavior beginning? If there  were then those would need to be addressed and any feelings about that  dealt with. Exhibitionist often have substance abuse issues, commit  incest, have been sexually abused early in life, and have been  physically abused (Hopkins, et al., 2016). Discussing why the offender  participated in the charges against them and their past history of  substance use, sexual relations, and abuse could help them to find the  reason why they partake in the acts that have resulted in the charges.  If they are willing to work through their past and want to change then  they could overcome these behaviors.                                                                                                                            


Hopkins, T.A, Green, B.A., Carnes, P., and Campling S. (2016). Varities of intrusion: Exhibitionism and voyeurism. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity (23). 4-33. Retrieved from:

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