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 1. encourage further dialogue and discussion 2. encourage your classmate to think about other aspects of the topic
3. ask a relevant, meaningful question to better assist with your understanding
4. compare and/or contrast your responses  

Markell’s Post

I really starting to resonate with behavior therapy. The behavioral therapy focuses on directly observable behavior, current determinates of behavior, learning experiences that promote change, tailoring treatment strategies to individual clients, and rigorous assessment and evaluation (Corey, 2017). I find it interesting mainly because it can be used to treat several psychological disorders. Two disorders that stands out to me is Anxiety disorders and depression. 

Least attractive 
I find that the fact that feelings cannot be changed is very unattractive or unappealing. Granted that it is great that the behaviors are subject to change due to the therapy, but a person’s feelings should change as well.  Clients are not encouraged to change their emotions or feelings, but the behaviors that they display. Also the fact that the therapy involves control and social influence over the client. The therapy involves an amount of social influence , some therapist could take advantage of their clients and that’s why it is important that they are aware of their influence.

Describe the problem

Ms. A may be experiencing anxiety, depression, and is suffering from eating and weight disorders. The stress of two jobs, losing her mother, not being able to see her husband, not able to have kids, and so on is very overwhelming for her. Seeking professional help and admitting that she has a problem are proper steps to recovery. With behavior therapy I will help her identify her current behaviors and will help her develop a treatment plan.

Additional information 

The therapist would probably want to know what the client’s goal from the therapeutic process is. They would also need to develop treatment goals and conduct a behavioral analysis. The therapist will need her to go into detail about her current behaviors and general feelings toward everything she is going through. How does she react to these situations and how can her behaviors be treated? References
C o r e y ,   G .   ( 2017 ) .   Th e o ry  an d  p rac t ic e  o f  cou n s e li n g a n d p sy cho t he ra p y  ( 1 0 th  ed .).   P ac i f i c   G r o v e   CA:   C enga g e  L e a r n i ng  


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