In the eighteen years following World War Two, there was a huge upswing in the number of babies born in the United States. Known as the “Baby Boomers,” this group of people had a profound impact on all aspects of society. Your readings discusses some of those areas.

The image here shows two boomers, Mary Tinker and John F. Tinker of Des Moines, Iowa in 1968. Three years earlier, the Tinker siblings participated in a Vietnam War protest at their school by wearing the anti-war armbands they display here. They were suspended from school for refusing to remove them. Their case reached the Supreme Court, which ruled that the students’ free speech rights had been violated. The Tinkers’ protest represented new political and social engagement among the baby boomer generation, as well as growing opposition to the Vietnam War among young people.

Before you beginning this discussion, be sure to read the Module Notes, Chapter 27: “The Sixties” and Chapter 28: “The Unraveling” in The American Yawp, and view the film The Class of the 20th Century—Class of 1968-1970.

In addition, you may want to read the following recent article in the Washington Post: Tankersley, J. (2015). Baby Boomers are What’s Wrong with America’s Economy

Using the sources and film above as evidence, consider the following in a post of at least 350 words:

  • Summarize what you have learned from the film about Baby Boomers’ attitudes toward life in the late-1960s.
  • How did Baby Boomers differ from the generations before them? How were they influenced by the context of the Cold War, Vietnam War, and affluence of the 1950s?
  • How do you think the Boomers have had an impact on American society today?

A minimum of one reference is required.

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