project 1

Topic: Curbing Bullying in Adolescents with ADHD


The following sections should be included:

1. Introduction/Problem – This should describe the problem (which may be a research problem or an applied problem), the purpose of the research, and the significance of the research. If your research topic is related to a gap in knowledge, you should clarify what is known and where the conflict or gap in knowledge exists. If you choose an applied problem, identify the issue to be addressed and include an accurate and detailed overview of the issue. In general, include all information that you think is necessary to establish a comprehensive analysis and foundation for understanding your chosen research topic, including a theoretical framework or the theory that is guiding your proposal. This section should address your research question(s).

      Consider the following questions: What is the purpose of the proposed research? How does the purpose reasonably fit within the research problem? Further, what are the assumptions and potential limitations associated with the identified problem or gap in knowledge or applied problem? This section should also discuss your target audience, such as academics, mental health professionals, organizations, and so on. (This may be a broad audience for research that is oriented toward contributing to theory or a specific organization or community for research that is focused on addressing applied problems and interventions.) Discuss your target audience in relation to this proposal and why your research would be relevant for this audience.

     For example, in what way would your research help address how we understand a phenomenon or help an organization address a critical problem? Your target audience will depend on your area of study. For example, for students on a general track in this degree program, your research concept paper might center on researching a general issue in the area of psychology. If you have a concentration in child and developmental psychology, your proposed research must focus on a specific psychological need or issue surrounding children, adolescents, and/or teens. If you have a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology, your proposed research must focus on factors contributing to the advancement of an organization’s performance through application of psychology.


2. Literature Review. This section is an analysis of the scholarly debate on the theory and research related to your research question. The literature review should not be a collection of summaries. Rather, it should be organized according to the message you want to convey and appropriately synthesize the literature into your message. This suggests that you will draw from multiple sources in order to best communicate your points. Organize your review so that it provides a logical argument for the background of your proposed research and how your research fits into the big picture.


3. Research Design. This should include a detailed plan to collect and analyze data, as well as highlight the types of sources you would use. You may choose a qualitative or quantitative approach. However, your choice of method, design, sampling, data collection, analysis, and overall process should be justified and logically fit with your research question(s). Proposals that involve implementation of interventions will have a program evaluation component that must include research design. This section will also require you to discuss the reliability and validity of your measurements. Finally, you should consider how you will operationalize or measure the main concepts/variables you are researching and include a description of your data sources.


4. Ethical Considerations. This should include a thorough explanation of the ethical considerations related to the topic and to your proposed study. Your explanation should address the ethical ramifications of the problem, the population under study, the data-collection instruments and their analysis, and so on. This section should incorporate peer-reviewed literature as well as relevant codes of conduct (i.e., the American Psychological Association).


5. Conclusion. In this final section of the text, you will summarize your study and explain why your proposed research is significant, highlighting the practical implications of your potential findings for your target audience(s). This section should also include an analysis of your research’s potential contribution to the field of psychology. 



15 to 20 pages

A Table Of Contents 

10 relevant references 

APA Fromat 

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