**KIM WOODS** Paper on Significant Topic of Your Choice





1. Choose one of the following topics and write a 1,000-1,500 word paper summarizing the current psychological research on the topic. (Many of these topics are broad and you may choose to focus your research on a more specific area of the topic, such as focusing on when children show resiliency when dealing with divorce.)

Effects of divorce on children

2. Access the University Library so that you can find 3 research articles from peer-reviewed psychology research journals published in 2000 or more recently. This means the body of your paper must also have in-text citations for these 3 articles. Research articles must be from the year 2000 or newer. Older research articles will result in point deductions.Research articles must be from the psychology discipline.Do not use psychiatry journals or journals from other disciplies (nursing, geology, etc.) Points will be deducted for this.

3. Format your paper according to APA standards.Use Subheadings!An introduction and conclusion paragraph are required.Remember to include a properly formatted title and reference page. An abstract is NOT required.

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