journal finding meaning

#1: Style, Form & Context

Style in art is linked to different philosophical ideas about the world, humanity, the artist, and the meaning of imagery. Using the Timeline of Art History (Links to an external site.) and Art History Timeline (Links to an external site.) you can view a wide range of art from many cultures. Look for works that seem to exhibit the following ideas, and state why you think that is the case. Include a link to the image that you are discussing.

Link a work of art that is a representation of a human but not a specific or recognizable person.
Link a work of art that is about a specific time or place.
Link a work of art that is an image of a god, ruler or king or queen.
Link a work of art that is about the artist and their view of the world.
Link a work of art that is not a picture of things in the world.

Your response must be at least 150 words

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