biopsychology one of the biggest growing areas in psychology is the area of bio 1


One of the biggest growing areas in psychology is the area of biopsychology â€“ or the understanding of how the brain and genetic make-up of individuals impact certain diseases or mental illnesses. 

For this discussion, think of a common psychological ailment. Some examples might be autismschizophrenia, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, obesity, etc. Choose a search engine (e.g., and type in the terms (at the same time) “genetics” “psychology” and “(insert your psychological ailment here).” Summarize what the research says on how genetics impacts your disorder.

After summarizing the possible genetic components of your psychological ailment, please answer the following questions:

  1. Regarding your particular psychological ailment, do you feel that some people are just “doomed” to have this ailment because of their genetics, or do you think that the environment plays a role, as well? Please explain your answer.
  2. Do you have any doubts/suspicions about your specific psychological ailment’s legitimacy as an actual disorder? Please explain your answer.

Please cite the website(s) you used to come up with your summary. Do not choose the same term that another student has already done.

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