Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation

In this unit, you examined four categories of disorders: obsessive-compulsive related, trauma-related, somatic symptom, and dissociative disorders. For this assignment, select two of these disorder categories and create a PowerPoint that explores the selected categories.

Your PowerPoint should be a minimum of 12 slides (not including the title and reference slide). For each of the two categories of disorder (obsessive-compulsive related, trauma-related, somatic symptom, and dissociative) include information about the treatments, symptoms, assessment, and diagnosis of the category. Within this information, be sure to include the following:

 Description of the treatment options for diagnoses within the selected categories.

 Discussion of the techniques used to assess the categories of disorders.

 Determination of which assessment technique is most successful for each category of disorder.

 Explanation of the diagnosis and symptoms of each category of disorder.

In addition to your textbook, you must use a minimum of one additional scholarly source. Any information from an outside source that is used should be cited appropriately according to APA format. You may use the notes field in PowerPoint to expand on your ideas if necessary, but this is not required.

If you have never created a PowerPoint, or if you want to brush up on your skills, watch this tutorial created by the CSU

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