220 word discussion on hacking use the web to research an article less than 1 year old that contains an article about quot white hat hacking quot or a company hiring an ex hacker


Use the Web to research an article LESS THAN 1 year old that contains an article about “white hat hacking” or a company hiring an ex-hacker.

Some good Web sites to go to are http://www.wired.com , http://www.msnbc.com , http://www.csoonline.com/ , http://www.computerworld.com .

  1. Summarize the Web article in one paragraph
  2. Is it ever ethical to engage in white-hat hacking?
  3. Would you feel comfortable hiring an ex-hacker?

Include a link for the URL of your article and the date the article was written.

(220 word minimum)

Required Textbooks:

Principles of Information Security, Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord, Sixth Edition, ISBN 978-1-337-10206-3

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