2 papers Due March 24

Activity 1


Discuss which theory in chapter 2 best explains the heroic behavior we saw during the floods.  For example.  The Cajun Navy came with their boats, remembering Hurricane Katrina and the need for rescue by boat.  How did they develop the expertise to navigate flood waters?

Use the key terms for the theories in your answer. 

RUBRIC:  An excellent answer will briefly describe a behavior seen in the aftermath and pick an appropriate theory to explain how the helpers developed the skill to engage in that behavior.  And it will be well written in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Activity 2


Explain how to assure a genetically healthy baby (if possible), beginning with choosing the other parent of your future child and a discussion of genetic testing and when warranted.  (50 points)

RUBRIC:  An excellent paper will have a separate paragraph for each part of the paper or a blank line separating paragraphs.  (Google ‘writing paragraphs’ if you don’t understand about changing paragraphs when you come to a new topic.)   It should begin with an introductory paragraph about the importance of this issue, explain how genetics is related to health at birth, discuss how one’s choices affect the genetics of their child, and explain when one should get genetic counseling and how it is done.  Your information should come from chapter 2 and include key terms from the chapter so you will understand those concepts well enough to answer application questions on the exam. 

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