writing assignment 351

Anthropology helps us understand many things going on in the world. Have a look at your favorite news media. Select a story from that source. Compare that story with the related subject matter in the Brown (2017) book. Is this story an example of a particular idea or concept or fact about human nature, as seen by anthropologists? For example, if there is a discussion of the many women who assumed office during an election, how does that relate to the concepts on gender in the Brown book?

For two bonus points, you will be assigned a pair of your classmates submissions to peer review. Make sure they have a good argument, a well written summary of the original story, and that they have good citations for all work!

Brown, Nina, Laura Tubelle de Gonzalez, and Thomas McIlwraith. 2017.

Perspectives: An Open

Invitation to Cultural Anthropology.

Arlington, VA: American Anthropological Association.

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