Writing a brilliant critical book review

critical book reviewThere are two types of book reviews. Descriptive review provide the essential information about a book. This is done with description and exposition. This is achieved by stating the perceived aims and purposes of the author. Additionally, it is done by quoting essential passages from the text.

Critical book review evaluate and describe the book. This is done with accepted literary and historical standards and supports this evaluation with evidence from the text.

The following are the main steps in writing a critical book review:

  1. Read the book and make notes.

In book reviews, read the book several times if it is possible. This allows the reader to have a better understanding as he rereads the text. Besides, a new opportunity to perceive new elements or see from a unique perspective is presented. Furthermore, the reader can analyze the plot, the setting, and the characters.

It is essential to document your impressions as you read the book. This can be done with writing or voice recordings. At this point, do not worry about the organization of your work. The main point of doing this is to record how you react to the text.

  1. Take into account the genre or field of research of the book.

Besides, ask yourself if the content is suitable for that field of research. In this part, use other sources to understand the categories better. This will help to give an over-all grasp of the organization of the review. Furthermore, to eliminate the irrelevancies or to fill in gaps or omissions. First, examine the notes you have made and get rid of those with no relationship with the thesis. Secondly, organize your discussion topics into groups. Aspects of the book will emerge. Thirdly, write down all the main headings of the outline and fill in the subdivisions. Besides, all parts should support your thesis.

  1. Identify the main themes of the book.

critical book reviewThemes are the general teachings or messages that the work conveys. Additionally, they can be fundamental and universal ideas explored in work. Furthermore, several pieces are presented by authors, especially in works of fiction.

Besides, pay close attention to the preface and the quotes and references present in the introduction. This can help in explaining the themes that the author wants to represent. It also helps to show the point of view the author intends to take.

To identify an essential topic in a book, you need to summarize it in one word. After identifying the keyword, try to use it as a basis for getting to the message or lesson that the book seeks to convey.

  1. Take into account the author’s style.

Identify whether the style is appropriate for the target audience of the book. Moreover, the first step is the classification of the work. Secondly, it’s how the author expresses and represents the subjects of the book.

  1. Think about how the author develops the most important aspects and elements of the book

Identify the themes that the writer elaborates on further in the book. Besides, identify which he decides to leave out. Furthermore, determine why. Looking for omissions in work helps in critical thinking of the issues in the book. Additionally, by identifying the author’s elements, you can place the qualities of the book.

  1. Make notes about the format of the book.

The critical book review is shown by the use of diagrams, binding, and typography. Moreover, if maps, tables, or illustrations accompany the paper, try to evaluate how they contribute to the book’s themes.

  1. Analyze the literary elements of the book

Try to understand how the plot structure presents the story if you are reading a work of fiction. Besides, make notes about the characters, plot, the setting, the tone, symbols, and how they relate to the theme.

  1. Think about how unique the book is

First, identify if the book brings anything new to the literary genre. Secondly, does the author attempt to challenge or the genre’s norms.

  1. Consider the degree of success of the work.

Typically, it is essential to identify whether the author can fulfill the objective as proposed. Besides, is the conclusion of the bop satisfactory? Finally, would you recommend the book to others?

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