write a journal review on ethics

Write a Journal Review paper about four articles that has the following elements:

  • At the top, student name, the date, and assignment identification (Journal Paper).
  • Four sections (15-20 lines per section, not including quotation and lists), one for each article, each with a heading identifying the author(s) and the title of the article in the format of this example: Lijing Yang and Zeger Van Der Wal, “Rule of Morality vs. Rule of Law? An Exploratory Study of Civil Servant Values in China and the Netherlands.”
  • In each section, a description of the central theme or argument of the article, the methodology or discussion approach used, and the conclusions reached, separated into paragraphs as appropriate. Parenthetic citations with page numbers are given for each concept and for all quotations, in Turabian author-date format (citations following the first show page number only).
  • Following the sections describing articles, a separate conclusion is given (10-15 lines in length) summarizing what the student has learned from reading the articles.
  • At the end of the paper, a reference list in Turabian author-date format. Show page number citations for each concept discussed, in addition to quotation marks and page citations for quoted material.

Please use the articles/journals provided in Files only, make sure citations are according to Turabian style. No plagiarism, original work only! If you have any questions contact me ASAP, all articles are from the same publication: Public Integrity Journal.

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