write a 5 7 page paper 4

  • Assignment: Chose a topic and write a 5-7 page paper which will be worth 2 grades. Pick an idea or set of ideas discussed at some point during the semester(raised by the readings or class discussion) and develop an extended discussion and analysis. Pick an idea and supporting material based on personal interests and knowledge.
  • Approved topic: Explore the concept of “charlatanism” by analyzing chiropractic care (book Doctors and Healers by Tobie Nathan and Isabelle Stengers) I will buy the ebook for you to reference. Just add it into the price.

● For final project: Don’t over simplify concepts/biopolitical practices that we will examine in our paper, must look at social framework that underpins that passing of that law to understand the real complications/power relations that are working out there, (Use the attached files as reference points for biopolitcal practices and concepts.

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