write a 3 page paper on mental health 1

should be 3 full pages double spaced (about 800-900 words)

Social workers have to understand and recognize how their personal values and personal experiences and affective reactions influence their professional judgment and behavior. This is essential in order to use reflection and self-regulation to manage personal values and maintain professionalism in practice situations. This assignment is designed for you to reflect on your own feelings about working with diverse mental health populations. Please watch this video clip for this assignment:


Write a three page paper that discusses

1: your observations of institutional care for the mentally ill;

2) your reactions (thoughts and feelings that you had about your observations); and,

3) the research that you did about your observations. Should patients be cared for in long term psychiatric institutions, or should we work toward returning them to the community? Why, why not?

Regarding your research, you must locate two references that relate to the behaviors and person(s) that you observed; these sources must be an article (from a professional peer-reviewed journal), a professional book, or a government report or document. You can use assigned books and articles. Your research can cover a specific diagnosis or illness, theories of etiology, treatment models and programs, social issues (stigma, media coverage), demographic and cultural issues, or government/legal policies

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