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Issue #3: Corporate Espionage

BGEN 360: International Business



The third issue we will cover in class is corporate espionage. The purpose of this topic is for our class to learn as much as we can about the stealing of trade secrets and company data by both companies and countries. Corporate espionage can occur by companies stealing customer data, product designs, future strategic plans, or other data from competing companies or even partners. It can also occur as a state-sponsored activity where nations steal the data and information from companies to benefit industries or specific companies in their own countries, with those industries or companies often providing the government with a financial benefit in exchange for the close relationships and the access to the stolen information.

You can choose to explore either of these two aspects of corporate espionage; however, don’t use articles that solely focus on countries engaging in cyber attacks on other countries to cause disruptions or for the purpose of stealing government secrets.



Corporate (or industrial) espionage is not discussed in chapter 5. However, it is a major concern for many companies and obviously relates to the major topics in chapter 5 – ethics, corporate responsibility, and sustainability.

Other Starter Material

Below are a few other resources related to corporate espionage that might spark an idea or two related to what you might search for on the topic.

  • Before Huawei was the target of a federal investigation last year, many Americans had not heard of the company. Yet as mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article link below, the company employs 188,000 people in 170 countries, provides cloud services, is a leader in 5G technology, and sells more smartphones than Apple. The link below relates to Huawei’s dubious use of corporate espionage to become the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment.
  • Some countries are more involved in stealing company secrets than others. Below is a link to an article that discussed a US government agency report on the worst offenders in corporate espionage.
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