write 2 journals one page for each 3

1st journal (100A)

In a couple of sentences, explain how at least one element of biosocial development in early childhood relates to longer-term health outcomes. Thinking about this, make two specific recommendations for parents of young children to promote their physical health. Based on our reading, what are two practices that parents could implement to increase the likelihood of positive health outcomes for their young children? What evidence supports each of your recommendations? For each recommendation, show us direct connections to both your reading and to our in-class content. (here is the link for my in-class note, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DkeqaK4Hw-Ak-W…)

Example: Reflecting on our learning about biosocial development in early childhood, I recognize that … relates to longer-term health outcomes (state specific outcomes) based on the evidence from … . Knowing this, I’d recommend that parents of young children (recommendation 1) and (recommendation 2). (please try to answer every questions)

After engaging with the sample stems, continue your explanation as necessary. Explain specific evidence from reading and other course content to support each of your recommendations, and use APA-syle references.

2nd journal (100B)

You’ve landed a job as an after-school tutor in a program for middle-school students. You’re working with a student who has the reputation of being a challenging student. In your first session, this student tells you, “I’m just not smart enough to do this work. Can’t you just give me the answers so I can hang out with my friends?” Using what you know about motivation from both our special topic and our textbook, develop a plan to get this student more invested in completing homework. How would you get the student to engage with homework? Show us your step-by-step plan for making this happen. What evidence from our course suggests that this would work?

Scoring (see rubric): State your plan for getting the student on task (4 points). Use specific evidence from our course to justify the plan that you’ve put in place, referring to your evidence with APA-style references (6 points). Remember that journals will be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages in APA style. If you’re exceeding that page limit, you probably need to check in with us to make sure you’re on task.

here is the link for textbook, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MFZlfF4lagCf0e-lO…

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