Working in Teams For this assignment, refer to the “Working in Teams” video media piece (link above).


Before addressing the assignment criteria listed below, view the “Working in Teams” video as many times as necessary to familiarize yourself with the characters and the issues as they relate to the objectives of this topic.

Write a paper (1,500-1,750 words) in which you address the following:Define the three criteria for evaluating effective team/group work (as stated in the textbook) and analyze whether the “team” in the video is effective or not.Provide a review of Tuckman’s five stages of group formation and identify what stages are evident in the video. Explain your answer. Review your textbook on the specific types of task, maintenance, and dysfunctional roles in teams, and identify who is playing what specific role in the video. Explain your answer.Was the communication among the participants in the video effective or not? Justify your answer (this is not just an opinion). Was the message and meaning conveyed? Was there active listening? What types of noise were evident in the video?The textbook describes two main types of conflict. Define them and then describe the conflict that is evident in the video. Propose how Joe Tanney should manage the conflict in this video using one direct conflict management and one indirect conflict management approach? Explain your response.Based on what you saw in the “Working in Teams” video, would you say that the people in the video make up a group or a team? Explain your answer.Identify the major motivational problems evident in the video and provide a total of four suggestions for motivating the people in the video. Be sure to use one motivational theory from each area (content theories, process theories, reinforcement theories, and job enrichment model), and be sure to apply each theory to at least one of the four people in the video.

Use at least two academic resources as references for this assignment


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