Wk 5 disc 1

You are a psychologist in an urban community that has seen a 200% growth in its immigrant population over the past 3 years. Eighty-seven percent of this population speaks a language other than English at home. You work for a community mental health center, which is seeing an increase in referral from this population primarily because of the children’s interactions with the school system. The children typically become bilingual quickly. The parents are typically less fluent in English than their children; however, approximately 30% of the adults in this immigrant population are fluent in English and hold advanced degrees and middle- to upper- middle class jobs. The remaining 70% primarily hold jobs that do not require higher education although many do have degrees from their country of origin.

Based on the reading, evaluate research and practice aspects in this applied context and use elements from previous learning in your program to address the following:What types of staffing and training recommendations would you make for the community mental health center?How would you facilitate intergroup work relations among staff at the community mental health center?Would you support the use of the DSM-5 to diagnose clients with limited English proficiency?How would you evaluate whether or not your staff is competent to work with this population?Explain the rationales for your answers by providing evidence from the required readings.

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. As you respond to your peers, consider the following questions: Did your classmates include the same or different elements in their responses than you did in yours?What evidence did they use to support their perspectives?What assumptions did they make, and what are the implications of those assumptions?What else might they have considered, and why?What did you learn from your classmate’s response that you had not considered?


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