What is an essay and how to write it correctly?

An essay translated from French means an attempt or trial, an essay or a short story, which is written based on one’s own thoughts. The literary genre of prose stories has a small volume, and the presentation of the material occurs in free form. The author can describe an action or events, expressing his own opinion. The use of colorful epithets, impressions and emotions is allowed. They must relate to a specific occasion, have an argument and be sure to interpret any situation.

Essay as a story

To write an essay, an author can use different artistic constructs and genres. It is possible to assume the presence of a subjective opinion, since the story does not have the task of interpreting personal opinion. The author has the right to express his own assumptions about anything. The founder of this literary genre was the French writer Michel Montaigne. He used this style of presentation in the book “Experiments”, describing various events in the life of people. The stories were dedicated to conscience, hypocrisy, honor, and at the same time the author expressed his personal subjective opinion, which was not allowed in other styles of presentation.

The essay is characterized by several features:

  • This is an artistic and journalistic genre that finds application in the modern literary world.
  • Similar stylistic stories are also used in print.
  • The authors, instead of facts, bring to the fore their originality of thinking.
  • Informative texts are supported by facts, and stories – personal opinions. For this, the author uses arguments.
  • In an essay, you can not only describe any events, but also discuss these topics.
  • To show his unique style, the author can use slang if the stories are in the genre of modern literature.

All colors of the language can be used depending on the emotional state of the author. There are no restrictions here when it comes to stories that are published on the Internet. However, for publication, editors can refer to a set of rules that apply only to the publishing industry, where stories of a particular genre should be placed.

Types and forms of essays

Essays, as a literary genre, in contrast to journalism, can have several forms and types:

  1. Personal stories are subjective reasoning that the author makes public. They reveal a certain side of the author, who leads a monologue with readers.
  2. In terms of content, the essay can be of the type of critical, historical, artistic, religious, spiritual or journalistic story.
  3. The literary form of an essay can refer to such types as writing, notes, miniatures, a page from a personal diary, a review, and more.
  4. Individual story structures may indicate a scientific genre. Among the essays are analytical, descriptive, critical, narrative, reflective and more.

All questions that arise from the author, he takes into self-reflection. It is not customary to mention someone’s words or opinions in stories, since the essay describes only the manner of presentation.

Features of the literary genre

Authors who write stories for scientific articles, modern magazines and newspapers should consider a number of rules for writing their essays:

  • Small volume is a mandatory frame for everyone who wants to be published in publications.
  • The author must choose a specific topic, despite the fact that it is customary in an essay to talk about everything at once.
  • A personal approach to the disclosure of a problem and subjective opinion are characteristic indicators of a correctly composed essay.
  • The composition must have a free form, otherwise the story will turn into an informational dry article.
  • All impressions, associations and lexical composition of the language should be formatted accordingly, without stamps and outdated expressions.

The author must have the confidence of the reader. If the story does not find a response, a positive exchange of emotions, then the essay can be considered a failure. The true value of reasoning lies in the clarity of thoughts, arguments must confirm the subjective point of view for someone to share it.

Essays for Scientific Materials

essayThis type of essay differs in structure and genre. The story is compiled into several sheets, taking into account the specifics of the topic. Students may disregard this framework if the essay is written on the basis of compiled scientific papers. In the genre of essay journalism, you can write an essay only in the form of a small sketch, using no more than one page. The volume of scientific materials can be greater if the student writes in a literary genre in history or philosophy. This exception refers to a free style of presentation, so authors, as a rule, do not limit themselves to a few phrases – you can write a whole book with personal observations and reasoning.


Scientific stories written by students can be larger if the author wishes to speak. This is permissible only on a specific topic, without “moving away from the main idea.” 

It is also important to follow ethical standards so that the reader does not get bored. If the story resembles the stories of a village philosopher, the student should revise the rules for drawing up the skeleton:

  • Choosing a topic and structuring the main idea – you need to schedule some stages of the essayin advance so that during the compilation the student does not waste time on the same topic, describing it in different sentences.
  • You need to limit yourself not only in the choice of volume, but also in specific thoughts. In order not to deviate from the topic, the essay should be written on the principle of building stories.
  • The composition of the essay reflects the introduction, main idea and conclusion.
  • A personal approach to the choice of presentation style is a unique feature of the author’s text.

The author can omit emotions, not express his own opinion, but subjectivity in reasoning is the main remarkable characteristic of the essay. If the story contains an opinion that confirms some other statement, or the author agrees with it, this essay cannot be named.

Free manner of presentation of the composition

essayYou can write an essay right away from the main idea, you can omit some points. The author has the right to choose the simplest and most pressing questions, for example:

The man bought groceries, then left the store, but stopped to take an elderly man across the road. The author liked this idea for writing an essay, and, arguing for it, he submits for discussion his personal opinion about what is the morality of today’s youth, their culture of communication and education. The author has the right to mention his memories that took place in childhood, to compare the behavior of different generations and not only.

That is, in the essay genre, you can leave at different times, go into different spatial layers, noting the differences in your observations, and expressing your personal opinion on them. These can be associations that come to everyone’s mind when they think about products from childhood, about events of a political or historical nature. Students can provide advice, analogs, or chronological changes that few have noticed.

Characteristics of the essay language

In addition to the personal opinion of the author, the essay is characterized by certain phrases that allow the reader to understand what is in front of them – proofreading, fiction story or essay. The lexical composition of the language can be determined using words and expressions that are not commonly used in literature – any editor will underline and highlight them as incorrect.

To color an essay with an expressive note, you can use the following words and phrases:

  • Cracked, smacked;
  • Ranted;
  • Words and expressions.

Thanks to this diversity, the genre has a rich vocabulary and scope for the language environment. Many people perceive such literary plots as conversations with readers during an evening tea party.

To write an essay story is to write freely, but freedom of speech does not mean to write at random. The author must choose what is interesting to others, that concerns everyone that anyone encounters. The topic should be lively and hackneyed, but never closed for discussion.


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