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C. New Sales & Marketing Strategy for the NEW Target market

<< State how you will sell your product or service to your NEW target market. For example, how will you set the price charged for your product or service and how you will promote your product or service to your key accounts from a sales perspective. Considerations may include but are not limited to the following>>:

a. Pricing (Your price vs. Competitors’ prices): For hotel’s price, DoubleTree can set a new room rate at $180/night for two queen beds with sofa bed, $200/night for two queen beds with sofa bed and amenities delivered to room, and some extra charge for the big suite or special rooms requested. At La Quinta Inn & Suites, two Queen Beds With Balcony costs $199, ADA Accessible One Queen with microwave & fridge costs $199. And at Courtyard By Marriott, Hacienda Height with guest room, 2 Double beds for $135/night and 2 Queen $158/night.

DoubleTree hotel has the most convenient location, ballroom and few meeting rooms at hotel, these will be the best opportunity for the hotel to reach out to Associated groups. On the other hand, Courtyard and La Quinta do not have any meeting spaces, such as ballrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms. Furthermore, most of the associated meetings are all have the sponsors, so they will not worry much about the room price, what they are focusing on are the meeting space, rooms for whole groups and convenience location to them.

b. Perceived added-value: for the perceived added-value to Associated groups, Double Tree can have special offers or discounts for those groups if they make a big number of room reservation, or if they stay more than three days. For example, the hotel can give them 30% off if they book up to 100 rooms per night, plus they can use all the meeting rooms in hotel for 24/7. Or giving them discounts to dine in the restaurant when the entire group stay more than 3 days. This compares to other competitors, hotel can attract our target effectively because the competitors cannot give this type of discount or offer due to their limited properties.

c. Advertising and Public relations:

d. Direct marketing

e. Digital marketing

f. Exhibitions and conferences

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