well child brochure

This assignment requires to choose an age group: newborn, toddler, preschooler, or school aged.

Design a double-sided, tri-fold brochure that presents anticipatory guidance for one of these age groups aimed at parents of a particular cultural group of your choice ( e.g., Hispanic, Hmong, African American, etc.). BE Sure to include the age group on your brochure

Start with a free brochure template on the LucidPress site and customize it to your needs, adding your text and images, as well as layout and color choices.

Include of the following elements in your brochure:

1. Listing of the appropriate age group on the brochure

2. Anticipatory guidance on:


Periodic screening

Normal development


3. Feeding or nutrition guidelines

4. Immunization guidelines

5. Tone and language appropriate, 2 visuals & overall presentations

Submit your PDF brochure, either downloaded from LucidPress or via published web link

Original question and sample brochures are uploaded below as resource

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