week 8 nur

In this writing assignment, you will compare the U.S. health care system and the system of another developed nation, such as Canada, France, etc.

Step 1: Download the Health Care Delivery Comparison Worksheet


Step 2: Select a second health care system.

Identify the health care system of a developed nation, such as Canada, France, Australia, Japan, etc. for comparison to that of the United States.

Step 3: Gather data for comparison.
Conduct a search of credible sources to gather data for your comparison. You will need a minimum of two resources for this assignment.

Step 4: Complete the worksheet.
Complete the worksheet to compare the two health care systems. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Correct column and row headings for the nation and variable you selected.
  • Variable 1: Infant mortality rates
  • Variable 2: Per-capita costs
  • A minimum of five additional variables of interest to you

Include citations and a reference list for any sources used in APA format.

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