watchmen essay 3

Please choose a prompt you feel somewhat comfortable with actually writing. This

essay will be a minimum of 5 pages, double-spaced, in proper MLA 8 format. This

essay is to reflect your understanding, ideas, and interpretations of

Watchmen ABSOLUTELY NO RESEARCH should be involved in this assignment. Please be sure

to view the VeraCite report after you have posted your essay. Any “matches” to online

sources could seriously affect your grade.

This is not a book report or book review. Be sure that you offer a clear claim (thesis),

and then defend your thesis with examples, evidence, and explanation. I am

expecting polished prose. Your writing should be clear and concise with few errors.


This assessment is a guide as you write and revise your paper. Following is a

general explanation of the categories and how they will be used. Be sure to review

these terms in the Glossary:

Interpretation — What is the overall success of your claim (thesis) and conclusions?

Development — Have you provided enough examples and explanation to make your case?

Organization — Have you clearly and effectively ordered your ideas?

Mechanics — Is your paper free of obvious mistakes that get in the way of reading?

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