Watch the following video link and complete the questions below. Please remember answers should always be in complete sentences.

  1. Name three types of Synesthesia as discussed in the movie and what sense the affect.
  2. What was the taste associated with the name Derrick?
  3. State the opinion of people who had this disorder when it first was looked examined by a doctor?
  4. Describe one of the studies and what it entails. Give specific details in regards to the research.
  5. List at least three of the researchers that are working on developing information about Synethesia? (last name is fine)
  6. Name two colleges where research is being developed?
  7. This video suggests that Synethesia runs through the genes. Explain the findings and what part of the genes this is linked to.
  8. Discuss how the people in the movie who had Synethesia felt about their condition.
  9. Synethesia is more commonly found among which populations? Be specific.
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