I need answers for these questions below.

1-You have a list of styles in MyStyles.css style sheet document, and you want to use it in your site. What do you need to include in the HTML code on .aspx page to make sure that you can use the styles from MyStyles on that page?

2- What are the benefits of using a Master page?

3-What is the difference between a session variable and a global variable created in a web application? What is the purpose of session variables?

4- When your .aspx page has an error, the description of this error does not display in the browser when you open the page. To make it display, you need to make a small change in web.config file. What is this change?

5- Assume that you have a reader rd that reads from the following command:
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(“Select CUST_ID, CUST_FIRSTNAME, CUST_LASTNAME from CUSTOMERS Where CUST_TYPE=’Active'”, cnnSQL)
What happens when you execute the reader and the command rd.Read() ?

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