translating a scholarly article for a public audience

The goal of this assignment is to translate a scholarly article written for your field or a related field of study for a public audience in the style of a general science magazine like New Scientist.

1. Choose a New Scientist article.

This is the article I choose:

Scully, Roby Prosser. “Microbiome Link to Infant Food Allergies.” New Scientist, vol. 242, no. 3232, 6/1/2019 2019, pp. 16–16. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1016/s0262-4079(19)30965-0.

This is a link to that article:

2. Using the article from the New Scientist, develop an outline for the structure of general science articles by reading at least three additional articles in New Scientist magazine that report the results of a single scientific study

3. Find the full-length research journal article that matches the report of the study you chose from New Scientist. Locate, read, and analyze the abstract, introduction, results, and discussion from the paired scholarly article.

-This is the academic journal file relating to the article I chose above (You can also find it in the article):

-Below is the pdf academic journal that has similar topic I found on my online university library:

4. Translate” (rewrite) the scholarly article in the style of a general science article published in New Scientist by following the outline you generated.

5. On a separate page, write a reflective analysis. As part of your analysis, consider the rhetorical choices you made as you constructed your translation. Offer a rational for each of your decisions that connects the features of your transition to your larger rhetorical context. For example, if you had to translate the title of the scholarly article for a public audience, explain why your new title is the most appropriate on for your public audience.

You don’t have to use fancy words to write this paper because honestly I’m a student, just write in a simple, understandable and easy to reach out. Thank you so much.

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