topic of the essay the use of statistics in international business

  • ï‚· Required font: Times New Roman (size 12). Line spacing: 2.0.
  • ï‚· Number of pages: exactly 4 (no more than 4, and no less than 4)
  • . Page 1: Title of the work and your name.
     Pages 2-3: Essay (you may insert graphs, up to 25 % of space).
     Page 4: Citations (in APA format). You must include at least two citations.
  • ï‚· Each essay will need:
     Introduction (first paragraph).
  •  Body.
     Conclusions (last paragraph).
  • ï‚· The rubrics that will be used to evaluate your work are posted on Canvas. Familiarize yourself with them.
  • ï‚· Your work will be subject to a plagiarism prevention check (Turnitin), so be original. A Turnitin score of 25 % or more is not acceptable. If you get a score in that range of values, then change and resubmit your work, until the Turnitin score is below 25 %. It is recommended that students submit their paper PRIOR to the due date in order to correct any issues involving citation or plagiarism.
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