three discussion questions 2

This assignment includes answering four discussion questions. No cover sheet is needed but I do need the specific references following each particular questions. Please be sure to have a minimum of 350 words for each question.

(1) Discuss at least two challenges an administrator should consider when preparing a trend analysis over a five-year period. Justify your response.

(2) The local government is running a flu vaccination program. Are the following costs fixed, variable, or step costs”

A. Cost of occupancy]

B. Costs of management

C. Costs of part-time employee salaries added on service volume

D. Costs of vaccine consumed

(3) Evaluate how useful the conservative/liberal policy typology is to describe and analyze policy. Suggest at least on recommendation for improvement.

(4) Analyze the benefits and shortcomings of labeling an idea, organization, or person as a liberal or conservative and apply these benefits or shortcomings to what you see happening today with an example.

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