they say i say book

  1. Identify TWO ideas from They Say/I Say, Chapter Two, that you found interesting, appreciated, or have questions about.
  2. Finish watching “This Country Isn’t Just Carbon Neutral — It’s Carbon Negative” and taking notes. Then, respond to the following questions in a minimum of 75 words each.
    • Identify one emotion you felt or one strong idea you had during the talk. To describe this response, quote from the text, using a signal phrase, in-text citation, and explain how this made you feel or what this make you think. Do you believe this was intentional or in line with the rhetorical strategies Tobgay was using? Why or why not?
    • Identify in the video an example of each type of rhetorical appeal you’ve learned about (logos, ethos, pathos, kairos) (recognizing that appeals aren’t just verbal; we communicate through our dress and mannerisms, through the places we speak, when we speak, and the tone of our speech). Quote from the transcript, using a signal phrase and in-text citation to identify each type appeal and to explain how the appeal is working in the video. Is each effective? How so? How not?
    • Identify a passage from Tobgay’s speech that relates to both the public good and to happiness. For example, where are happiness and climate change interconnected? Quote from the transcript, using a signal phrase, in-text citation, and explanation.
    • Assess whether you think Tobgay is aware of his audience – of members’ concerns and interests – and whether he addresses them.
    • In the end, do you feel like members of the audience were persuaded to support his cause? How so/how not? Quote from the text, using a signal phrase, in-text citation, and explanation.
  3. Last, in 150-175 words, respond to your prior poster with thoughts you have about their post.
    • One technique for responding to prior poster. First submit your Roll Call Post response for questions 1 & 2.
    • Now you’ve established who your prior poster is and can see others’ posts.
    • Next, reply to their post. Since it’s all for the same assignment, I will see everything in the grader and can assign points correctly.

Review: Basic Techniques

  • Assume your readers haven’t read or watched what you have. Explain ideas so they can understand them anyway.
  • Introduce key authors in your academic writing by using their full name the first time and their last name only thereafter.
    • Sometimes include the title of their work if this detail is important.
  • The first letter of all key words in titles are capitalized.
  • The titles of short works, like short videos and articles, are placed in “Quotation Marks.”

Review: Use Signal Phrases to Make it Clear You’re Referring to Another Author’s Ideas

  • Here are some examples of signal phrases to use to show you’re referring to another author’s ideas:
      • Tobgay explains,
      • Tobgay shows,
      • Tobgay finds…
  • Use the present tense when referring to an author’s ideas, even though they wrote or spoke these ideas in the past. Ideas are considered “eternally present.”

Review: Use MLA In-Text Citations

  • Add an MLA in-text citation at the end of each key point, so a reader can easily find the points you’re referring to in the original source.
      • In-Text Citations are used after paraphrases of authors’ ideas AND actual or “direct” quotations.
      • MLA in-text citations follow the sentences in which source information is found.
        • If you know the author’s name and video timestamp:
          • Signal phrase, sentence (Tobgay 00:01:20-00:01:26). <– The zeros correspond to the time signature of the section you’re citing.
        • If you know the author’s name and page number
          • Signal phrase, sentence (Tobgay 1).
        • If you know the author’s name and paragraph number
          • Signal phrase, sentence (Tobgay , par. 3).
    • The period is always placed after the in-text citation, not after the sentence.
        • YES: Periods are placed after in-text citations (Tobgay , par. 1).
        • NO: Periods are placed after in-text citations. (Tobgay , par. 1).
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