there are 4 questions please


In Chapter 5, the following characteristics of effective helpers are defined: empathy, genuineness, objective/subjective balance, self-awareness, acceptance, desire to help and patience.

(1) Identify one of these specific characteristics from Chapter 5 that is a personal strength for you. Define it using your own words and (3) give an example of why you believe it is a personal


(2) Identify one of these specific characteristics that is a personal weakness for you. Define it using your own words and (3) give an example of why you believe it is a characteristic you need to improve.

So, you are identifying, defining and giving an example of both a personal strength and weakness selected from the specific characteristics addressed in the chapter.


Please answer the questions below. Your answers should be given in essay form. There are no specific, quantitative requirements for the length of your responses. Some questions will not require lengthy answers; others will be truly challenging and will require a few hundred words’ worth of writing. The best way of thinking about how you will answer the question sets is to write as if you are trying to convince me that you are an expert on the matter (which, if you take all of this advice seriously, you will be!).

1. Describe in detail –and in your own words– why the discovery of a peak shift (e.g., Figure 6.2, page 151) was so important to Spence’s theory of discrimination learning. (10 points)

2. In your own words, describe the difference(s) between elemental and configural theories of discrimination learning -and provide examples of each. (10 points)

3. Briefly and in your own words, describe the difference(s) between at least two of the connectionist models described in the text. (8 points)

4. In your own words, describe an experiment aimed at ascertaining whether non-human animals are capable of metacognition. (8 points)


Research the Graduate Record Exam (GRE – (Links to an external site.)).

Summarize what the test includes, the format, the costs, and how you sign up to complete it. Reflect on the experience of learning about this standardized test.


De Waal,
do non-human animals use language? Other questions naturally arise from this line of inquiry: what is meant by
language? Do you agree with De Waal? Why or why not?

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