theorist chris argyris topic adult personality 1

  1. Requirements :
  2. Please submit a Microsoft Word document file of your Detailed Outline of your Theorist Report. Use Calibri font, size 11.
  3. In your Detailed Outline, please include at least the following eight (8) Sections (however, you may included more!). For each section (except for References & Publications), please include at least five (5) bullet points with ideas on what you will cover in that section. Sections include:
    1. Introduction of Theorist and Their Contributions
    2. Theorist’s Background and Description of the Social Environment of the Time
    3. Explanation of Theory and Principle Aspects of Theorist’s Contributions
    4. Interpretations, Peer Reviews and Critiques of Theory by Other Subject Matter Experts and People (not the Theorist)
    5. Critically Evaluate How Theorist’s Theory Can Be Applied Today (or not)
    6. Concluding Remarks
    7. References on Theorist & Theory (APA citation format)
    8. Theorist’s Publications (APA citation format)
  4. Find additional references for your report and include them in your Reference Section. Please list at least ten (10) references that you found about the Theorist and their Theory and provide URL links (if possible). Please write out the references using APA citation format.
  5. Please list at least five (5) written publications that that Theorist wrote themselves and provide URL links (if possible). Please write out the publications using APA citation format.
  6. i have the references for the paper and i will provide it after the agreement.
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