theatre 100 cromolithagraphy research project

The full requirements are written in the attached document. The format of the research paper should be MLA.

Please take some time to do further research on the topic of Sambo Art and the White Supremacist depiction of the African American culture as it was projected and reinforced in American thought and attitude through the use of CROMOLITHAGRAPHY.

Please choose 2-3 images that you feel are clear representation of this kind of art.

– Please discuss the images you chose, their particular history and the context in which the image(s) were used as a marketing and advertising or novelty item from that era.

– Please discuss your feelings about the images you chose, why you chose them, the importance of why we should reflect on this period in our American history and the disparaging images of African American culture that were perpetuated during this time- – What overall effect do you feel these images had on American society at that time?

– What can we learn and appreciate about our current historical time in a better way as we reflect on this period and the Art that was being made?

– Your research project should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced with proper grammar and syntax. You may use those pictures as part of the research assignment and include them in your work.

– Make sure you Cite your work.

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