The US health system

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The US health system is complex and can be difficult to understand. The system is run by different organizations of private and public entities. Public health system service provision is done mainly by the government working collaboratively with the community nonprofit and faith-based organizations (Green, 2018). Private health care is provided in hospitals, outpatients, mental health, home care, wellness center, long term or residential and other alternative medicine setting (Green, 2018). Nurses, physicians and other professionals are responsible for providing services to patients both in the private and public sector (Kahn, 2011).

According to the National Health Expenditures in 2014, 48 % of health care spending came from private funds, with 28% coming from households and 20 % from coming from private businesses. Financing of health care remains a big challenge in the United States. It is a major topic of debate everyday by politicians, insurance companies and those receiving services. One main method of financing is individuals must pay out of their pocket for services they receive, and most people cannot afford the cost. Most people can receive health service through their health insurance coverage. Health insurance is provided by the government or private company to ensure payment is made for healthcare services such as illnesses, injuries and health conditions (De lew et al. 1992).

Although, the US have the highest expenditure in the world for the provision of health service, however, they do not perform particularly well in terms of gross health outcome (Ridic et al. 2012). The main contributor in the weakness of the American health care outcomes is the fact there are 42 million of American without healthcare insurance. (De lew et al. 1992). This impedes a lot of people to access health care when most needed particularly people on low income bracket. They go to hospital when they are very sick. Another issue with health care provision in America is the inability to control of cost. The advantage of the America health care system is the advanced state of technology. Premature babies have high chance of survival in the US because of advanced technology, high life expectancy after 80 years compares to other countries and US is world leader in pharmaceutical innovation (Ridic et al. 2012).

The reforms resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over the past years have led to increase in health care coverage. According to Martin et al. (2014), about 20 -22 million individuals have obtained health care insurance since 2010 through the expansion of Medicaid and other policy adjustment. However, there still more than 25 million of US residents without health insurance. It is hoped that health care professionals, politicians and the general public will conclude that health care is a basic right for every person and not a privilege for few people. The solution to achieve this goal is a justified cause for modern society to be judged as fair.


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