1. The tendency to focus on people’s personality traits and downplay ________ when explaining behavior is called the fundamental attribution error.

2. Which of the following is included in the behavioral component of prejudice?

3. The hormone that is most strongly linked to aggressive behavior is

4. Social-cognitive theorists, such as Albert Bandura, argue that aggressive behavior is

5. In Milgram’s original study of obedience, the percentage of participants who delivered what they believed the maximum electric shock of 450 volts was

6. Vanessa had the belief that all accountants are dull. She was, therefore, pleasantly surprised when her blind date, an accountant, turned out to be one of the most interesting men she had ever met. Vanessa’s belief about accountants is a(n)

7. When asked why his friend Alex often misses the school bus, Gregory said, “I guess he’s lazy, he likes to stay in bed late in the morning.” When asked why he himself sometimes misses the bus, Alex replied, “It depends. Sometimes my sister hogs the bathroom for hours. Sometimes my mom misplaces my school stuff and I have to look for it. Other times, there’s no one else who has time to walk the dog in the morning, so I get stuck…” Alex is demonstrating

8. “What is your attitude with regard to television?” asked Murray. “I never watch it,” said Sylvia. Which component of her attitude was Sylvia referring to?

9. Delia, a European American, knew that there was great variation in the GPAs of her European American friends, but when an Asian American friend told her that she only had a 2.0 GPA, she was very surprised. She had assumed that Asian Americans always had high GPAs. Delia’s belief is called

10. In camp, Roger played hard at “tug-of-war” so long as it was one-on-one. But as soon as other campers joined in, he relaxed. This tendency to work harder when alone than in the presence of others is called

11. During practice, Ginny made many mistakes but when she competed in gymnastic meets, her performance was flawless. “I guess I need an audience to do my best,” said Ginny. Ginny’s superior performance can be explained in terms of

12. Four people are listening to a political candidate. Which one of them is more likely to follow a central route to persuasion?

13. People are more likely to help others when

14. Psychologist C. Daniel Batson would classify which of the following acts as being motivated by altruism:

15. Psychologist Gordon Allport suggested that in order for the contact hypothesis to work and reduce prejudice, four conditions must be met. In a school setting, one of those would be that

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