Need help with a discussion question. I’ve already answered the question. Just need a reply response to my classmate’s follow up to my answer (discussion post). There is no min length requirement, just providing thoughts to my classmates follow up. Please provide references and citations to support your thought/reasoning.

Initial Question:

The official declared national strategy for the US military is the two Major Theater of War (MTW) strategy. The central tenet of this strategy is that the United States must be prepared to fight two simultaneous MTWs. Is it possible to execute such a strategy today? Why or why not?

My Response:

The US is capable of executing the Major Theatre of war today. This is because of the numerous security forces in the country today. The security forces in the country are made up of several groups ranging from the federal police that include the FBI. They also include the State Police officers that deals with the state security affairs. It also involves the county police officers that include the country police and the Sheriff. The department also includes the municipal police officers and other police officers that help in keeping the peace of the nation. The department also involves numerous armies in the country who can easily offer the security services to the country inside and outside the country. These groups have enough officers who can help the country in times of war (Miller, 2012). This makes it possible for the country to implement the Major Theatre of war since there is enough manpower in the defense department. The officers can easily make independent and informed decision in times. This makes it easy to implement the strategy.

In addition, it is easy for the country to implement the Major Theatre of war because of the available equipment of war. This includes various technologies that the department has employed in preparedness to the war considering the high risk of war from the North Korea and Iraq (Davidson, 2011). The country has the right equipment and technology for all the police officers in the country. For example, there are the right ammunitions for armies based on the roles assigned to them. The security officers will use the technology to do their role and protect others in the war. They also have the ability to project power in the world giving them an added advantage. Their superior intelligence, dominance in information and better planning makes it easy to attack and protect the nation. The departments are capable of joining and combining doctrine that can be easily used to implement the major Theatre of war strategy in the war. Finally, the department also has robust forces that have balanced assets and competent strengths. This makes the department be able to manage and contain any attack that may pose threat to the country’s security. This makes it possible to implement the major Theatre of war.

Classmate Follow Up to my Response:
Great post. The United States is certainly capable of effectively fighting in any theater. However, war fighting is not done completely through security forces. Security forces are better employed for ensuring stability than by seizing land, inches at a time. I think it is also important to differentiate between security forces employed within the United States.

First, local police officers are generally funded through their local town and their authority ends at the town limits. Sherriff Deputies are county employees typically and enforce the law throughout the entire county, including within city limits, if needed. State police function throughout the state and are paid as state employees. Otherwise, law enforcement such as FBI are federal employees. Each department is separate in its own right, but they all work together to ensure the safety of all of our citizens. This cooperation keeps our homeland safe, primarily from our own citizens. The United States military forces are focused on foreign threats. Military security does little to enforce local statutes or laws and are generally confined to a base, fort, or camp owned and operated by the federal government.

Also, don’t lose focus on the war fighter from the support element. Air squadrons, ships, and brigades are full of mechanics, bomb techs, admin types, medics, cooks, and a whole host of support personnel. The majority of military personnel are in support of the war fighter as a force multiplier. Meaning, bombs from airplanes, ships, and artillery affect the flow of the tide of war, ships personnel starve without cooks, planes crash without runways or mechanics, and infantry run out of bullets to fire without a lengthy supply and support chain. It has been said that logistics win wars.


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