Take Home PYSC


Please and please, read through the instructions of this assignment before start and the two chapters in question is attached; please, read the chapters and choose a question from each chapter.

Take Home : Application Essays

1.      Chapter 10: for 3 point choose ONE of the following :


a.       Name someone (famous or not) that you believe would be classified at the self-actualization level of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy. Support your choice with 3 characteristics or behaviors that exemplify that level.


b.      State your general attribution style (internal/external, stable/unstable, controllable /uncontrollable). Explain how this style has affected your motivation and performance in some aspect of your life (academics, work, relationships, athletics, music, art, etc)


c.       Using the Expectancy – Valence model formula for motivation (M= Ps X Is), explain a major choice you have made (college choice, college major, relationship, career, etc). Be specific in labeling the Ps and Is.


2.      Chapter 12: for 3 points, choose ONE of the following and describe the least restrictive environment you would recommend and 2 specific adaptations you would create to accommodate the needs of this student in your classroom.


a.       A16 year-old boy with autism, nonverbal, aggressive to self and others.

b.      An 8-year-old girl with severe hearing impairment, I.Q. of 87.

c.       A 14-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy (uses wheelchair, limited use of hands, average I.Q.)

d.      A 5-year-old boy with ADHD and average I.Q.

e.       A 12 year-old gifted girl with an I.Q. of 140

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