Now that your Survey class has been implemented, it is time to implement the SurveyConductor application class. This class uses the Survey class to conduct a survey. First, create pseudocode to develop the logical sequence of steps required to conduct a survey. Once your pseudocode is complete, insert this into your design document, and implement the SurveyConductor application.

  • Create a SurveyConductor application that uses your Survey class to conduct a survey. This could be a new class to conduct the survey in a professional manner.
  • The application should construct a survey and allow respondents to enter survey data until there are no more respondents or until 10 respondents have entered survey data. The system constraint is that you cannot have more than 10 respondents to the survey.
  • As each question is presented, by calling the presentQuestion() method, it will validate the respondent’s response. If the response is not a number between 1 and 5, give the user a chance to re-enter his or her response.
  • After each respondent has completed entering the survey data, display the survey results, top-rated question, and low-rated question.
  • The survey results should be displayed as rows and columns in a matrix.
  • The application should allow a user to enter a question number and view just the responses for that question in tabular form by calling the displayQuestionStats() method.
  • Compile and run the project in NetBeans.

Insert pseudocode for your SurveyConductor survey application into the Design Document for this Phase, and update your Design Document with any additional necessary changes. Update the screenshots show the source code, compiling and running results in NetBeans

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