summary of lessons learned from hurricane katrina 1

Read and write a 500-1000 word summary of lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina. I suggest you scour the EM literature from 2005-2010 and include PKEMRA. This must be a scholarly paper.

– APA format.
– Cite references often and correctly. You must ground your paper in the literature.

– The emphasis is on facts and factual information (thus the need to cite references).

– Avoid inserting your opinion. Unless you are a published author or field expert, your opinions have no place in a scholarly paper If you are a field expert, you may add your thoughts to the paper, but only if you can support those thoughts with current literature.

– Avoid gross exaggeration words like “exponential” and “every day.”

– Avoid personal pronouns like me, I, you etc. Stay in the third person. If you find yourself using those personal pronouns, you are straying outside the bounds of scholarly work.

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