a 1,250- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following:

Relevant overview of the company Apple.(e.g., industry, age, size, scope, and market position) – ne.

Description of a proposed 3-5 year competitive vision for Apple.

Examination of the current and new markets that Apple will pursue, and the unique value propositions that Apple will offer in each of those markets.

Evaluation of at least 3 new and viable corporate, business, and/or functional strategies for Apple and how each of those strategies will contribute to capturing market value and sustaining competitive advantage over time (note you are required to identify new strategies, not strategies that Apple is already implementing).

Evaluation of how Apple proposed strategies will affect Apple’s current resources and capabilities, including Apple’s proposed strategies’ effects on Apple’s production costs, market differentiation, and corporate sustainability.

Brief explanatory introduction and presentation of 2 appropriate organizational charts illustrating the changes needed to realign Apple from their current organizational structure to one that supports the achievement of your proposed 3-5 year competitive vision (note the charts should be presented as APA-compliant figures).

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