srv423 food and beverage control 8

In a two- to three-page paper (not including title and reference pages), answer Critical Thinking Questions numbers 1 through 4 at the end of Chapter 13 (p. 276). Make sure to respond to the items below completely and thoroughly.

  • Describe the impact your potential customers have on the item selections and pricing of the menu.
  • Describe the advantages of using menu engineering.
  • Describe price elasticity, and explain why it should be considered when setting menu prices.
  • Examine the danger of focusing too heavily on food cost percentages.

You must include citations and references from the textbook and at least two scholarly sources and format your paper according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Required Text

Ojugo, C. (2010).
Practical food & beverage cost control (2nd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781428335448

Required Articles

  • LaFave, C. (2009).  Food costs: What gives?  Restaurants and Institutions, 119(2), 42. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM Complete ProQuest database.
  • Levin, A. (2010).  The changing nature of foodservice supplies purchases. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, 63(1), 18. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM Complete ProQuest database.
  • Reaney, J. (2012, September 26). The rise of the no-choice restaurant. Forbes. Retrieved from

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